Customer service par excellence.

dove-12kb.jpg 15.04.13: Having the previous day found that I had made a $900 mistake in a funds transfer I spoke to my bank where some excellent, courteous, understanding and helpful advice resulted in my finding the company to which I had sent the $900. To this company, XtremeHerbs{},  I sent this email on 16.04.13.

On 12.03.13 The XXX Bank paid you $900.00 due to an error on my part and this is to request you to return that money to me urgently. It is part of my savings for an important dental procedure. I am a pensioner and such savings are difficult to make. Please let me know how you propose to return this money to me.

Thanking you,


16.04.13: Reply from XtremeHerbs{}

Thanks for contacting us. We can absolutely transfer the money back to you. Please send us your Account Name, BSB andAccount Number and we will process this ASAP.


Please let us know if you have any other questions or comments!


Best regards,


16.04.13: I replied giving the require details and received notice that the funds had been transferred and to allow two days for the transfer to appear in my account.

16.04.13: $900 was credited to my account.


About Ian Gardner

Ian Gardner was born on the 20th February 1934 in Sri Lanka, then Ceylon, and christened Basil Ian Gunewardene. He was born two months prematurely and nearly died five times in his first two months. He moved to Australia in September 1969 where he changed his surname to Gardner. From childhood he had an enquiring mind and an innate interest in the supernatural. Since 1986, nineteen years of meditation, "searching within", reading and revelations have culminated in this free book which has been nine years in the making. Further writings followed and all his writings are available to all on the Internet free of charge. There is more information in the preface of the book.
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