4 Responses to Living in the now.

  1. bert0001 says:

    I we’d all used GMT, there would be no more dateline 🙂

    • Ian Gardner says:

      Bert, it took a while but yesterday it occurred to me that what you say is not correct: there will still be a dateline and it will be at longitude 0º. Do you agree?

      • bert0001 says:

        No, no datelines, date positions in space intersecting earth’s orbit if you want. When date changes, it changes instantly everywhere.

        But … In some places it will be noon at midnight, and in some places it will be noon at 18h.

        That’s why people don’t like this idea. They have to change their concept of time in their heads.

        For transport carriers it would be a dream.

        For salaries it would be a tiny problem too, since in Los Angeles you would start to work by 17h and stop working by 5am the next day.

        So you would need a kind of Napoleon to bring this change about.

  2. Ian Gardner says:

    I see what you mean, Bert. I was thinking in terms of different time everywhere based on GMT. As for needing a Napoleon, we would need more – we would need a pole shift in the collective human psyche and even then every man and his dog will be bleating that it will cause them (me! me! me!) problems.

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