Ian’s writings on the Internet

Symbolising the two "levels" of thinking.

Symbolising the two “levels” of thinking.

To Earthling eyes the appearance of Ian’s writings on the Internet all started c.2000 when I said to Ian, ‘Buy a computer.’ and Ian said to himself, ‘Why do I need a computer?’ but soon after that realised that he had learned to heed these prompts and that he should buy a computer – which he did although he could barely afford even a used one. Then, he mented, ‘What am I to do with it?’ and later decided to attempt to put The Milk Is White on computer while waiting to see what happened next. His trouble was that no sooner had he started to do this than a veritable flood of quotes, as in The ‘Quo Vadis?’ File I &

II, started coming to him and he was saying things like, ‘Good heavens, how can I handle all this?’ Eventually, he did manage and not only fully transcribed the book but also set up, with no previous computer knowledge, its pages in the format required for printing and binding. Additionally, he started The ‘Quo Vadis?’ File III*.

Thereafter, until c.2007, he was generously given the use of equipment in a printing/binding shop to print, collate and bind the pages of the book, for the cost of materials only, until c.2007 when his daughter and a friend of her’s decided to pay for an Internet subscription for him and it was from this point that he started to put his writings into numerous websites, one at a time.

In doing this he was reminded of a thought he had when completing the book, or on its completion, that he had in his hands (metaphorically speaking) a beautiful, white, fantail dove which he launched into the air from his cupped hands to settle where it would.

*On WordPress the blog The Journey Up The Mountain.

Symbolising the message I released in 1996 to alight where it chose.

Symbolising the message I released in 1996 to alight where it chose.


About Ian Gardner

Ian Gardner was born on the 20th February 1934 in Sri Lanka, then Ceylon, and christened Basil Ian Gunewardene. He was born two months prematurely and nearly died five times in his first two months. He moved to Australia in September 1969 where he changed his surname to Gardner. From childhood he had an enquiring mind and an innate interest in the supernatural. Since 1986, nineteen years of meditation, "searching within", reading and revelations have culminated in this free book which has been nine years in the making. Further writings followed and all his writings are available to all on the Internet free of charge. There is more information in the preface of the book.
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